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Soviet Russian USSR Air Force / Aeroflot Officer’s Hat

Posted: September 2, 2017 at 2:51 am No Comment
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This Soviet military officer's cap is unusual in that the hat itself is a Soviet Air Force hat, but the emblem at the top is the emblem of the civilian aviation fleet, Aeroflot. I know this because I sent photos of it to a guy who has the most extensive Soviet military hat website I've seen: A Collector's Guide to Soviet Military and Civilian Uniform Visor Caps of the Cold War Period: 1946-1991. This is what he said about this hat: "Concerning your cap - it appears to be a pre-1994 Russian Air Force officer's service cap. (1994 was the date when Soviet-era uniforms were officially replaced with new Russian ones). The interior indicates it was, however, made after 1991. If you look at the little white tag it should have a number on it indicating year of production. You are correct in that it has an incorrect Aeroflot emblem on the crown. No, it's not rare, but it is authentic for its period." If you're interested in Soviet hats like this, you should google this guy's website. He has a page on "Fakes and Replicas." So this hat is authentic and was made between 1991 and 1994, but I can't read any year on the tag, which seems to have Russian writing on it. There is a number, 58, inside the top of the hat, which I believe is the size in centimeters. It is in excellent condition.


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