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Soviet Era Russian Children’s Book From 1972, Great Illustrations

Posted: July 17, 2017 at 3:30 am No Comment
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I admit to being a sucker for children's books. I really loved this one when I found it in the Vernissage, in Yerevan, Armenia. Its obviously a holdover from the Soviet days, having been printed in 1973. The seller was probably grateful to get rid of it, since most books are in Armenian now and all the young people want to learn English. This is also a time when I wished I could read Cyrillic, as from the illustrations, it looks like a really interesting story. It is probably for a more advanced reader, as one of the pages will be writing, while the other page is a great illustration. It has just over 30 pages in length. I listed it as acceptable; as you can inside the front, shown in photo 2, there is a stripe of what appears to be notebook paper with writing on it in the middle. I suspect the book was falling apart, but this paper and some glue was used to hold it together. Whatever, it seems to have worked. WE COMBINE SHIPPING WHENEVER POSSIBLE.


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