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NIKON WORLD Dean Conger USSR New York City Ballroom Dancing ++ 10 1978

Posted: July 17, 2017 at 3:28 am No Comment
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32 pp. Size: 8.25" x 11". Condition: VG. Photos by Dean Conger, David Alan Harvey, Peter B Kaplan, more. Any dimensions given are approximate. Any defects not visible in image are described in text. Item complete as issued unless otherwise stated. (SKU: 1176474) All items are originals; no facsimiles, copies or reproductions, unless specifically noted. All scans or photographs shown are of the actual items you will receive. We NEVER use stock images.PLEASE NOTE: this seller accepts ONLY payments made through PayPal. Please do not request alternatives. Please do not unilaterally send other forms of payment as we cannot accept them. QUESTIONS about an item must be received no later than 5 PM Eastern Time on the day the item closes. Most of our items close between 10 PM and Midnight Eastern Time. Please be sure to reference the eBay item number in your inquiry. See what's for sale now in our ebaY Store! Just CLICK on the Frog. Terms Of Sale SHIPPING FREE standard shipping with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION & TRACKING BY USPS to all United States destinations including possessions anywhere in the world. For orders valued $100 and above, we insure them at our expense. We ship promptly using most efficient rate, so all shipped items are guaranteed to be returned to us by the USPS if not deliverable as addressed. Undeliverable items returned to us for incorrect address, moved-left-no-forwarding, etc., may require additional payment for redelivery. You will be notified. SALES to USA ONLY. Due to an unacceptably high number of delays and non-delivery of items in other lands resulting in disgruntlement and loss of revenue & merchandise, we no longer offer our goods to buyers outside the United States & its possessions. A combination of increased postal security, the requirement by the USPS for Customs Declarations on all packages & packets, and the lack of recognition of that Customs Declaration as Proof of Mailing by the powers that be, prevent us from being an international seller any longer. We appreciate your past purchases, loyalty and repeat business and we will miss you. Perhaps you can find an American agent who can buy on your authorization, receive the item and send it along to you. Thanks for looking. FEEDBACK Please understand that the time required to place over 1200+ feedbacks each month would reduce the number of items we could catalog and offer to buyers like you. We apologize if this is not what you would prefer us to do, but we cannot get around it as a general policy. We thank you when you pay for an item and we mean it. Thanks!


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